The Masters Trophy

Masters Trophy


From 1975 until 1990 this was known as “The Codgers’ Trophy” The trophy’s origin is not recorded. It was, and still is, an unofficial ‘fun trophy’.

It was awarded to the most successful pilot over 50 years of age. The tradition was for the winner to buy a bottle of champagne and to share it with those of his fellow pilots at the Nationals who admitted to being over 50 years of age.

A pilot who won it three years in succession would be allowed to keep it. This eventually happened in 1990 and Maurie Bradney became the owner. In 1991 Maurie Bradney donated it back, to be called “The Masters’ Trophy”for the most successful pilot over 60 years of age.

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1974/5 Peter Nicholls SA Narromine 14th
1975/6 Peter Nicholls SA Tocumwal 15th
1976/7 Bob Thomas SA Renmark 16th
1977/8 Geoff Horwood SA Narromine 17th
1981/2 Denis McCaffrey Qld Narromine 21st
1982/3 Wally Mills Qld Jondaryan 22nd
1983/4 Bill Anderson Vic Benalla 23rd
1985/6 Maurie Bradney SA Gawler 25th
1987/8 Maurie Bradney SA Forbes 26th
1988/9 Maurie Bradney SA Waikerie 27th
1989/90 Maurie Bradney SA Benalla 28th
In 1991 Maurie Bradney, having won it outright, donated it back, to be called “The Masters’ Trophy”for the most successful pilot over 60 years of age.
1990/1 Heinz Feuersanger NSW Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 Harry Medlicott NSW Gawler 30th
1992/3 Heinz Feuersanger NSW Narromine 31st
1993/4 Ron Brecknell NSW Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 Gary Speight Qld Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Maurie Bradney SA Gawler 34th
1996/7 Bevan Lane Qld Horsham 35th
1997/8 Gary Speight Qld Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Peter Griffiths Qld Narromine 37th
99/2000 Ian Barraclough NSW Benalla 38th
2000/1 Ingo Renner Vic Gulgong 39th
2001/2 Ingo Renner Vic Narromine 40th
2002/3 Bob Ward Qld Narromine 41st Multi
2003/4 Tony Tabart Vic Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 Bob Ward Qld Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Shinzo Takizawa NSW Gawler 44th
2006/7 John Buchanan QLD Kingaroy 45th