The W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy

"Australia Vs New Zealand"

Tasman Trophy 


Bill Iggulden senior was also a pioneer glider pilot in the very early days of gliding in Australia. Well known as ‘Pop’ Iggulden, he was born in New Zealand and came to Australia as a young man and set up a successful engineering business in Melbourne. When Bill died in 1966 the family commissioned Andor Meszaros to sculpture a work of art to be given to GFA and the NZGA for international competition.

The W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy was presented by the Iggulden family in 1966 for competition between Australian and New Zealand pilots at World Championships. In 1978 the two countries agreed to compete in alternating countries during the respective National Championships. The object was to create an incentive for pilots other than those already of international status to fly for their country.


The GFA and GNZ support the Tasman Trophy contest because they see the value in developing competition experience at an international level  for “up and coming” contest pilots in the dramatically different soaring environments offered by their respective countries.

While a competitive spirit is desirable the organizations do not consider the contest a clash between gliding nations but an opportunity for developing the contest experience of racing pilots from each country. To this end the host nation will always ensure that the visiting pilot is matched fairly with equipment and well briefed to compete in the new environment. Both organizations acknowledge that it can be expensive for the visiting pilot to visit and compete and therefore undertake to reduce or subsidize costs where possible.

The Trophy is contested at each country’s National Championships and scored in the same manner as other pilots. The representative pilot with the highest points wins the Trophy for his country. This Trophy, which belongs to both the GFA and GNZ jointly, is exempted from the rule that GFA trophies must stay in Australia, so it regularly travels between the two nations.


  1. The contest will take place at national championships as agreed by both the GNZ Sailplane Racing Committee and GFA Sports Committee, but generally will occur annually two years in one country and then two years in the other to allow Australian pilots to compete at both North Island and South Island soaring sites.
  2. The representative pilots will compete in the same competition class.
  3. The representative pilots must not have previously competed at a World Championships.
  4. Representative pilots may only compete for the Tasman Trophy once in each country.
  5. The host nation will supply a competitive glider to the visiting pilot at no charge to the visitor. Where possible the competitors will compete in identical gliders.
  6. The host nation will waive the requirement for the payment of Entry Fees by the visiting pilot.
  7. The appropriate formalities required of visiting pilots and Entry Forms for the event to be forwarded to and completed by the visiting pilot.
  8. Any affiliation fees for the visiting pilot will be waived.
  9. In the event of a claim, insurance excess on rented or borrowed gliders will be the responsibility of the visiting pilot but the amount the amount should be clearly agreed in advance between the glider owner and the visiting pilot.

As agreed between the Sports Committees of Australian and New Zealand February 2011.

Season Venue Australia New Zealand Winner
1966/7 Narromine ??????? P.Heginbotham Aust
1970 Marfa, USA Team Team NZ
1972 Vsrac, Yugoslavia Team Team NZ
1976 RayskalaFinland Team Team Team NZ
1978 Chateauroux, France Team Team NZ
1979/80 Benalla K.Deakin M.Stevens Aust
1980/1 NZ K.Deakin    V.M.Rix      NZ
1981/2 Narromine Peter Curtis V.P.Lyons  Aust
1982/3 NZ Bob.Ward M.Stevens NZ
1983/4 Benalla Noel.Dammeral  P.Larsen     Aust
1984/5 NZ Charles Day Grae Harrison NZ
1985/6 Gawler Scott Percival    Grae Harrison Aust
1986/7 Benalla Worlds T Cubley: S. O’Donnell: I Renner R.Lynskey L.Stephens M.Stevens Aust Team
1987/8 NZ D.Jansen J.Dickson NZ
1988/9 Waikerie R.Gaissmeier A.Van Dyk Aust
1989/90 NZ I.Newman G.Taylor NZ
1990/1 Tocumwal B.Taylor N.McPhee NZ
1991/2 NZ J.Dennis M.Oakley NZ
1992/3 Narromine B.Potter T.Terry Aust
1993/4 NZ T.West R.Fisher NZ
1994/5 Dalby G.Parker B.O’Brien Aust
1995/6 Not Contested      
1996/7 Matamata Jonathon Shand Gavin Wills Aust
1997/8 Kingaroy Tracey Tabart David Speight Aust
1998/9 Narromine Andrew Ward Kirk Davis Aust
99/2000 Matamata Tom Claffey Richard Downer Aust
2000/1 Gulgong Matt Anglim Richard Downer NZ
2001/2 Narromine Andrew Georgeson Vaughan Ruddick Aust.
2002/3 Omarama Cathy Conway Laurie Kirkham NZ
2003/4 Matamata Mitchell Turner Stewart Cameron NZ
2004/5 Waikerie David Wilson Steve Wallace Aust
2005/6 Gawler David Conway Terry Jones Aust
2006/7 Omarama Kerrie Claffey Nigel Davey Australia
 2008/9  Kingaroy  Jo Davis Brett Hunter   Australia
 2009/10 Waikerie       John Nicholls  Chris Richards  Australia
 2011/12  Matamata  Brian Hayhow  Tim Bromhead  NZ