The GFA Shield

GFA Teams Shield - FAI Nationals

State Teams Trophy FAI Nationals

The original GFA Shield, a large silver platter, was given to the GFA by the Adelaide Soaring Club in 1961. It was awarded at the FAI Nationals to the State Nominated Team gaining the most points. In those days up to three pilots shared the one glider, thus the need for a Team Trophy

Ironically, the first year of the award was the last completely winch launched Nationals.

From 1987 the Nationals featured one glider / one pilot, and the trophy was then awarded to the State Nominated Team of three pilots gaining the most points in Standard Class.

In 1990 the GFA Shield became a Teams Trophy (with no distinction between classes ) once again, and was then awarded to the State Nominated Team gaining the most points at the FAI Nationals. In October 1994, whilst in the custody of the New South Wales Team and housed at the Lake Keepit Soaring Club, the Shield was destroyed by fire when the club’s clubhouse and hangar were completely gutted in a fire started by an arsonist.

In November 1994 the GFA Executive, meeting in Adelaide on the occasion of Adelaide Soaring Club’s 50th Jubilee , voted to have a new Teams Trophy commissioned which would incorporate all of the past history of the Shield. The new GFA Shield was designed by the Trophies Officer, Fred Foord of ASC, and was made by McAvaney & Co. of Adelaide, who had made of the original shield in 1961.

From the 48th Nationals, the Shield is awarded to the State whose three highest placed pilots achieve the highest aggregate.  Teams are not chosen in advance.

Season Team Pilots Venue Nationals
1960/1 SA S.Cox   R.Rowe  D.Schultz Gawler 3rd FAI
1962/3 SA C.Churches  T.McDonnell Narromine 4th
1964/5 SA S.Cox  M.Jinks  R.Rowe Benalla 5th
1965/6 SA M.Jinks  R.Martin  R.Rowe Waikerie 6th
1966/7 SA M.Jinks  P.Rohrlack  R.Rowe Narromine 7th
1967/8 SA M.Jinks  R.Martin Benalla 8th
1968/9 SA J.Rowe  R.Rowe Renmark 9th
1969/70 SA R.Martin  D..Pietsch Narromine 10th
1970/1 NSW C.Colton  J.Blackwell Benalla 11th
1971/2 Qld J.Moore  I.Renner Waikerie 12th
1972/3 SA J.Grosser  K.Willis Waikerie 13th
1973/4 No contest ( World Comps in Australia )
1974/5 Qld I.Aspland  N.Maxwell Narromine 14th
1975/6 Vic W.Johnson  F.Roddy Tocumwal 15th
1976/7   not awarded Renmark 16th
1977/8   not awarded Narromine 17th
1978/9 WA A.Gartland  P.Kayne  T.Stayt Cunderdin 18th
1979/80 Vic T.Cubley  F.Erdmann  J.Goodley Benalla 19th
1980/1 NSW H.Crossan  P.Matthews  J.Rowe Waikerie                20th
1981/2 SA M.Jinks  D.Jones  R.Martin Narromine 21st
1982/3 SA C.Crittenden  W.Mudge  B.Woodcock Cunderdin 22nd
1983/4 NSW J.Bannertyne  P.Matthews  A.Pybus Benalla 23rd
1984/5 Vic J.Coutts   T.Cubley  I.Renner Leeton 24th
1985/6 Vic T.Cubley  B.Brockhoff  I.Renner Gawler 25th
1986/7 No contest ( World Comps in Australia)
1987/8 Vic Std J.Coutts  .Cubley Forbes 26th
1988/9 Vic T.Cubley  I.Renner Waikerie 27th
1990  Changed to ‘State Teams Trophy’ irrespective of Class,
1989/90 Vic Std T.Cubley  B.Brockhoff  I.Renner Benalla 28th
1990/1 Vic B.Brockhoff  M.Giles  I.Renner Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 NSW B.Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Mander Gawler 30th
1992/3 NSW B.Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Matthews Narromine 31st
1993/4 NSW “B” .Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Matthews Lake Keepit 32nd
1994 Original shield destroyed by fire, replaced by new Shield
1994/5 NSW Std B.Edwards  P.Mander  B.Taylor Dalby 33rd
1995/6 NSW 15m N.Bloch, A.Hartley, P.Matthews Gawler 34th
1996/7 NSW 15m N.Bloch, B.Edwards,P.Matthews Horsham 35th
1997/8 Qld ‘A’ J.Buchanan, T.Claffey, H.Kauffman Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Vic. ‘B’ Mike Giles, Ingo Renner, Andrew Ward Narromine 37th
99/2000 Qld ‘A’ John Buchanan, Hank Kauffman, P.Griffiths/L.Zehnder Benalla 38th
2000/1 NSW ‘B’ Dion Weston, Miles Gore-Brown, Shinzo Takizawa Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Qld ‘A’ J Buchanan, Gerrit Kurstjens, Pam Kurstjens Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Q’ld T.Claffey, Bob Ward Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 NSW ‘A’ Paul Matthews, Shinzo Takizawa, Dion Weston Gulgong 42st
2004/5 NSW Paul Matthews, Bruce Taylor, Dion Weston Dalby 43rd
2005/6 SA Terry Cubley, Graham Parker, Peter Temple Gawler 44th
2006/7 SA Terry Cubley, Graham Parker, Phil Ritchie Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  Qld  David Jansen, Peter Trotter, Miles Gore-Brown  Temora  46th
 2008/9  SA Graham Parker, Peter Temple, John Nicholls  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  Qld Peter Trotter, Lisa Trotter, John Buchanan
 Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  Qld  Miles Gore-Brown, John Buchanan, David Jansen  Dalby  49th