15m Trophy


This trophy was donated by a former 15 Metre Champion in 1992 and was awarded for the first time at the 30th FAI Nationals heldat Gawler in January 1992.

The trophy was created, (as so many GFA trophies have been) by Herbert Schade. The base is made from polished granite. The stand is cast from bronze (gunmetal) chemically aged and protected with lacquer. The sailplanes are scale models of LS-6 and ASW-20, fabricated from brass and gold plated.

It was a condition of donation that the names of previous 15 Metre Champions be recorded.This list follows: (as also listed under the Edmund Schneider Trophy which was allocated to this use from 1979 to 1991) (See also the Q.E.II Silver Jubilee Trophy for 1978)
Previous 15 Metre Champions:

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1977/8 I. Renner Vic    
1978/9 M.Bradney SA    
1979/80 M.Bradney SA    
1980/1 M.Borgelt SA    
1981/2 B.Brockhoff Vic    
1982/3 M.Jinks SA    
1983/4 J.Rowe NSW    
1984/5 A.Pybus NSW    
1985/6 S. O’Donnell NSW    
1986/7 Not awarded,  (World Comps in Australia).      
1987/8 B.Edwards NSW    
1988/9 B.Brockhoff Vic    
1989/90 B.Brockhoff Vic    
1990/1 D.Jansen NSW    
1991/2 Brad Edwards NSW Gawler 30th FAI
1992/3 Brad Edwrads NSW Narromine 31st
1993/4 David Jansen NSW Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 DavidJansen NSW Dalby 33rd
1995/6 DavidJansen NSW Gawler 34th
1996/7 Norm.Bloch NSW Horsham 35th
1997/8 Bruce Taylor NSW Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 David Jansen NSW Narromine 37th
1999/2000 Graham Parker SA Benalla 38th
2000/2001 Graham Parker SA Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Peter Trotter Vic Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Tom Claffey Qld Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 Paul Matthews 15m Performance Class Contest NSW Gulgong 42nd Multi-Class
2004/5 Shane McCaffery Qld Dalby 43rd
 2005/6  Terry Cubley
 SA  Gawler  44th
 2006/7  Terry Cubley
 SA  Kingaroy  45th
 2007/8  Peter Trotter
 Qld  Temora  46th
 2008/9  John Buchanan
 Qld  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  John Buchanan
 Qld  Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  Miles Gore-Brown  Qld  Dalby  49th