GFA Awards

The GFA Awards and some GFA sporting trophies are presented at the GFA AGM each year. Only one award is made for each category annually, and if there are no nominations (or none that are judged worthy) then the Award need not be made.
In order to allow the Board sufficient time to adjudicate, and for trophies to be prepared, the nomination period for all the above will close on 31st July.  Nominations should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GFA Awards

The following Awards are presented to member who have made an excellent contribution to the development of the sport.. Any member is able to nominate a person to receive the award, and the GFA Board will determine the successful candidate.

Award Awarded for
Bill Iggulden Award Services to gliding in general
Ryan Award Services to Airworthiness
Hoinville Award Services to Operations
Wally Wallington Trophy Services to the Sport of Gliding
J R Muller Award Promotion and Marketing


Sporting Trophies

Award Awarded for  
Martin Warner Trophy Greatest claimed Gain of height in the preceding GFA Financial year To be claimed by pilot by submission of IGC file.
Wally Woods Trophy Longest X/C flight in the preceding GFA Financial year GFA Awards Officer determines
Bob Irvine Trophy Flight with highest OLC points score in the preceding GFA Financial year GFA Awards Officer determines
Roger Woods Trophy Best place by an Australian at any World championship in the preceding GFA Financial year GFA Awards Officer determines
Royal Aeronautical Society Shield Highest speed achieved by an Australian pilot at any World championships in the preceding GFA Financial year GFA Awards Officer determines

Note that the definition for the Roger Woods and RAeS trophies has been changed to cover all world championships each year, but for the last time in 2019 it will be awarded to the pilots who compete in Club Class world championships.

  • Claims by the pilot for the Martin Warner trophy should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and must include details of the height gain and any supporting documentation, including a valid IGC file.
  • The same flight cannot win both of the Wally Woods and Bob Irvine Trophies, but the same pilot can.
  • For the Bob Irvine Trophy distance is based on OLC optimisations and OLC handicap..

The Bob Irvine Trophy is to be awarded to the successful claimant for the greatest cross-country distance achieved in each calendar year after application of the appropriate handicap factor for the sailplane. Applications for the trophy are to be called for by the GFA Trophies Officer by advertisement in 'Australian Gliding' magazine early in each year, for distance flights achieved during the previous calendar year. Satisfactory verification details by an FAI Official Observer are to be provided by the applicant.

Martin Warner was one of the GFA founders in 1949 As a member of the Sydney Soaring Club he did much research on glider radios, and possibly his club was the only club in Australia using such modern equipment.

Martin was also a keen cross country pilot and it was on one of his cross-countries that he was taken up by a cumulo-nimbus cloud, attaining a height gain of 23,390 feet. At that time the climb was an Australian and British Commonwealth record. It remained an Australian record for many years.

Longest Distance Flight Claimed in a Calendar Year to 2000 thereafter the period is the GFA Financial year

This trophy is awarded to the pilot completing the longest cross-country flight in Australia each season. However, the pilot must submit a verified claim for the trophy when it is advertised in AG in May of each year. Until 2001 the ‘season’ was previous calendar year but it was then changed to May1st / April 30 th starting in 2002.


In 1994 a new League was introduced into the Decentralised Competitions, League IV for 'Novice' category pilots, those having under 200 hours experience at the beginning of the season. It became apparent that a new trophy would be needed.

An up and coming young pilot in Adelaide Soaring Club ( Matthew Ryan ) offered to 'put the hard word on' his grandfather to donate a trophy for this purpose!

Decentralised Competitions

The NSW Gliding Association Shield



The Sportavia Soaring Centre saw a need for a new trophy for use in the Decentralised Competitions and in 1990 donated this perpetual trophy.


The committee of "Australian Gliding " magazine gave this trophy to GFA in 1970 "for use at the Nationals"as there always seemed to be a shortage of a trophy which could be awarded to a pilot for some good reason. The first dedication, until 1974, was to the Sports Class Champion.

The State of Origin plate

Junior State Teams Contest

State of Origin plateA simple silver-plated platter with the JoeyGlide logo engraved centrally and with the words ‘THE STATE OF ORIGIN PLATE’ around the logo.

And in smaller lettering ‘Donated by the GFA’ and beneath the logo
‘Australian Junior Gliding Championships

It is to be awarded to the Junior State Team, the members of which are declared prior to Day 1, which achieves the highest aggregate score.

Pilot Names
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange, David McMannus, 
Andrew Maddocks, Nicholas Maddocks
Qld Leeton 2
2006/7 Adam Wooley, Andrew Maddocks, Nick Maddocks Qld Leeton 3