For many years the GFA has  provided airworthiness training via the regions, through the RTO/A network. Very successful courses (filled with technical advice and practical hands on experience) are conducted to help keep existing inspectors' skills up to date, but also to provide a path for members with only basic Daily Inspector ratings a chance to upgrade to small parts replacement, form 2 inspector and in some cases approved for age surveys, minor and major repairs and other specialist skills.

The courses are often run over a week or more and are sometimes offered as a series of weekends. Assessment and qualification achievement is determined by the RTO/A in accordance with performance on type against the syllabus in section 9 of Part 3 of the MoSP.

Alternate training

There has always been an alternative training system to achieve the necessary training and skill set required to competently service the gliding fleet which does not involve these formal school courses. Whilst the option is less formal in regard to structure and less intense, it is no less rigorous and is intended to bring the candidate to the same level of expertise. The GFA accepts a mentor process of training whereby members (who cannot ordinarily make it to the intensive courses for some reason) have the opportunity to work through the required syllabus often contributing under supervision to several form 2 inspections.

This system relies on the RTO/A allocating a competent mentor (usually in the members club) to be responsible for the training and supervision, working through all parts of the required syllabus. Obviously this work occurs over a period of time and can take in more than one year. The RTO/A will receive a report and recommendation at the end of the training period on the performance and suitability of the candidate for Airworthiness upgrade and may seek to personally confirm the candidates skill level before issuing a higher rating.

Either stream of training is available to all members but is usually on the recommendation of the clubs Airworthiness officer to the RTO/A. Following satisfactory completion of the syllabus the RTO/A may upgrade the candidate on the aircraft type under which the training took place.

Clubs and members interested in airworthiness ratings should make application directly to their RTO/A in the first instance.