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VH-GFU SUPER XIMANGO.  Two seat side by side . 32:1 L/D . Rotax 912 Liquid cooled 4 stroke. Engine time 1015 hours. Hoffman 3 position prop. Wings fold to fit in standard hangar. Retractable undercarriage. Always hangered. Western Australia. A great touring motor glider for the morning glory.  $70,000 .Contact Bill on 0428 513 911


Pipistrel Sinus 503 (RAA reg)

One owner, new in June 2004. Total hours airframe 608. Always hangared with covers. The current 503 Rotax has done 125 hrs. The package includes another Sealed Rotax 503 with 250hrs as well as a licensed enclosed trailer. As part of the deal you can also have the hangar which can be broken down for transport, main truss comes in two 8 mtr halves.With a 30:1 glide ratio you can easily make a safe field landing or if registered GFA it makes a great local soaring machine.$45kOno Hangared in Esperance WA - would consider meeting halfway with a potential buyer.  Contact: John Whitman 0437 880 817    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Pipistrel 001


LAMBADA 13.7M Two Seat Motor Glider. I have to retire after 62 years of flying and gliding, and sell this lovely aircraft. Currently registered with RAAus but wasted as a cruising recreational aircraft, when it could legally be soaring with GFA. The Lambada is built as a pure carbon/kevlar composite sailplane, fully deriggable for trailering. The propeller feathers, and it has a Tasman electric vario with GPS, VHF, Bose Headsets and lots of instruments. It has delightful handling right down to a stall at 32 knots IAS, and just mushes down afterwards at 400 fpm. The takeoff run is short, and the 1000 ft/min plus climb gets you as high as you want, cheaper and faster than aerotowing. It has easy manoeuvring for 45 kt centering turns for thermalling, but the drag of the tricycle gear at speed limits fast interthermal glides. The 80 hp Rotax runs on the smell of a petrol rag, and starts at a touch anytime you need. This Lambada is fitted with large double slotted flaps rather than divebrakes, 20° for takeoff and thermalling, and 45° for approaches down to 40 kts. It sideslips with flaps for very effective glide control, but approaches are best done with the engine available. Compared to other powered sailplanes it is half their weight, and I can still move it anywhere myself. It’s hardly run in with 430 hrs total, and a steal at $58,000. Hangared at our residence on the Bombala Airport. Phone Barry Wrenford at 02 64 583 583, and leave a message if needed. 


Lambada in Hangar

VH-XGE,Super Dimona HK36-R VH-XGE TTAF 1440, Rotax 912-A2 TTIS 760, Electric Constant speed prop TTIS 140,  Bendix King KT-76A, well maintained based Moorabbin.  All weather covers. Contact Philip Henderson on 0418 511 557.


VH-GFF, Nimbus 3T 25.5m. Total hours 2900. Engine hours 40.Tilt-up panel mod and full instrument panel rewire completed by Maddog Composites. Panel configured for lxnav V7 + Oudie IGC + Flarm and Dittel Radio fitted.Cockpit fitted with Mountain High Oxygen system and bug wipers also available. Fully set up for competition or distance flying.

Pfeiffer trailer has been fully refinished and reconfigured (by Maddog Composites) with Cobra style wing dollies stabilised with side bearing runners and hydraulic lift for the fuselage. Comes with full IMI one man rigging system and tow out gear, including tail lift. No heavy manual handling required with this setup. Glider also comes with full all-weather covers and wing and tail ballast tanks all fully operational. Also comes with 24.5m and 22.9m wingtips and various spares.

Sustainer is fitted and fully operational with min pilot weight 78kg and maximum weight with full fuel 100kg. Glider is fully sorted and in very good condition inside and out. Full PU refinish in 2012. Genuine 1:60 glide performance in a very elegant and capable package. Glider is currently hangered at Bathurst Soaring Club and a package with T-hanger is also possible. Price: $85,000 negotiable Contact Adam Gill, Phone 0417 770 084



VH-GPH DG400 4-56, 1800hrs airframe, 180hrs engine, BEA mod auto engine retract, refinished 2014, Komet Clamshell trailer, Mountain High, Strong parachute, Tow out gear, Form 2 Dec17, DG service contract, Jaxida canopy cover, Tasman vario and Flight pack system, Tasman EGT. $80,000. Contact Jack 0439 398 199.

VH GPH Jack Hart DG 400








VH-GUE DG500M 1/5 SHARE. Based at Boonah. Built 1995 always hangared. Immaculate condition. New Solo engine factory fitted in Germany by Binder 2014.  Equipped for solo independent operation. Australian Agent for Solo Engines is one of the syndicate members. Dual Mountain High oxygen system.  Flarm and Mode C Transponder for safety and CTA transit Full avionics panel, flight and engine controls both cockpits, Low utilization. Price reduced  $32000. Jim 07 3821 1246 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.